Hamlet, Act II scene 2 as presented by The Zous. (July 2003)

Hanami at Koishikawa Botanical Garden. (April 2003)

Zoupi in America! An extended peanut fest through Edwardsville, Ephrata, Pittsburgh, and Chicago (Jan/Feb 2003)

Shopping in the US. Zoupi tries on American consumerism. (January 2003)

At the Zoo. Taking the bus to the zoo to see the elephants and their friends. (December 2002)

Zoupi in Ireland. A short vacation with Tod & Kristen. (October 2002)

Zoupi in Belgium. A tour of Leuven, Bruges, Brussels featuring Zoupi, Niko and Mannekin Pis. (July 2002)

Everyday Zous. Wearing their hats, cleaning the house, playing and relaxing at home.

Friends. The Zous' online and offline friends.


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