Everyday Zous

The Zous love to have their photos taken.

Zoupi and Kun can't wait to open the Manneken waffles.

Zousan listens to the latest Marshmallow Spike MP3s.

Zoupi's looking hep in Yoshi's hat.

Zoukun wins every time he plays with the Manneken Pis cards.

Belgium Bear poses with his new friends

We got a postcard!

Zousama makes off with the box of waffles while the other Zous share one.

Zousama's got a snack crisis.

Kun places a 10 in clock solitaire.

Zoupi gives Belgium Bear some tips on comfy travel "Sama style."

Kristen is busy with a project so we're cleaning the house.

"Bon Voyage" as Zoupi leaves for Belgium.
[View Zoupi's pictures from Belgium]

Kristen says goodbye Zoupi to the "airmail station."

Kun is ready for sports day!

San models his favorite hat

Pi is not so fond of hats.

Kun likes to wear Sama's top hat.


Sama looks quite dapper

Kun thinks he's an aviator.

Sama sometimes goes flying, too.

Kun & Zoupi scope out Belgium

The Zous always help one another


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