Zou Games

Where's Zoupi? Zoupi is playing hide and seek. Can you find him?

Where's Zousama? Sama tries to hide, too, but it's not so easy...

Zousan's Post Office. Send a postcard to a friend.

Zoukun's Card Game. A matching and memory game. Requires Flash.

coming soon:

Zousan's Oracle. Zousan is quite wise. See what he has to say to you.

Zoukun's Undokai. Sports day games for everyone.

Zousama's Self-Defense. The biggest zou keeps you safe.


Zou Songs

This is a Japanese children's song that the Zous like. If you learn the words, you can sing it as a round. Zousama like to add harmony and Zoupi dances every time Kristen sings it to him.

Mr. Elephant, Mr. Elephant,
you have a long nose, don't you?
That's true, My mother
has a long one, too.

Listen to the song (62 KB mp3)




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