At the Zoo

12/22/2002: Zousama waits for the 12:53 bus to Ueno Zoo. Kristen shares her seat.

The first thing we saw were Princess Aiko's elephants. Tod held us up for a better view.

Here we are posing in our zou-sha in front of a poster we like. There was a crowd around the lions.

Zousan gets a look at a gorilla through a window. We're all having fun with this friendly gorilla.

Zoupi really liked the itty-bitty fox. Zousan shows Kristen the purikura photos we made.

The polar bear is cold and wants to borrow this girl's jacket. We made a friend near the zebras.

We rode the monorail to the other side of the zoo. Tod bought us a snack.

Zousan thinks the flamingos are pretty. This is a zoukame! What a big turtle!

This crocodile thinks we look tasty, but we're not scared. Zousama thanks Tod for a nice day at the zoo.


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