June 01, 2009
My Laundry Adventure


I was having a nap in the bed when Kristen came in to tidy up. Before I could say hello, she stripped the bed and tossed me in the laundry basket with the sheets. I enjoyed the ride to the washing machine but I thought she'd take me out before long.

But maybe she didn't see me because a moment later I was in the washing machine, tangled in a pillowcase and getting soggy. It was dark and wet and when the machine started turning, I was scared. After a while, though, it was sort of nice. I swam around inside and outside the sheets. It was like an amusement park. And then the water went away and it got sort of warm and cozy. I fell asleep while I tumbled around. When it all stopped I was at the bottom of the pile, though.

When Kristen rescued me, I think she was surprised. "Zoupi, there you are! I searched all over for you yesterday morning before we left for the beach. Are you OK?" She looked at me very carefully, checking for shrinkage and wrinkles. She seemed happy because I smelled nice and was complete dry. It wasn't until she carried me into the sunlight that she noticed my pink tint.

I like my new color. It's classic. I feel royal. But I can't seem to stop hiccuping.

Posted by Zoupi at 12:22 PM