May 13, 2007
In yr drawerz


Posted by Zoukun at 10:23 AM
May 11, 2007
Friends in Hong Kong

Kristen got a mail today (my mail always seems to be broken) from some new friends who live in Hong Kong. They sent a picture for us:


That's Ivo, Ivil, Ivaah, Elza and Elly. Ivo found Kristen's address and sent her the mail and photo. Ivaah has requested a tete-a-tete with Zousama but they have big heads, so they will need to rent a special big room for their meeting.

It seems that they like to hang out on the bed, just like we do. They didn't say, but I'll be they enjoy hats!


Posted by Zousan at 07:34 PM
May 09, 2007
I can has peanut?


If you aren't chuckling over the lolzous, go check out icanhascheezburger

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