April 14, 2006
Our Composition

According to the Composition Analyser at Seibun, I am made of

48% conviction
30% white stuff
9% bewilderment
8% negative ions
5% theory

That seems about right. Everyone believes in me and my tusks are white. Maybe I am a little confused sometimes but only when I'm on the the bus. The theory and negative ions I don't understands, but it's only a small part of me.

Now let's see what the other zous are made of:

zoupi is

81% snare
14% knowledge
2% sulphuric acid
2% mental barrier
1% theory

Sweet little zoupi is 81% snare? Well...I guess he does trap people into loving him. As for the rest, I'm not sure. But I will tell him and see what he thinks.

zousan is

53% scapegoat
35% ocean water
9% negative ions
2% theory
1% key to success

Sorry to say that zousan is usually the scapegoat. Kristen blames him for all the bad smells in the bed. He doesn't like the ocean, though, so I won't tell him that part. I think the success part is good.

zoukun is

66% kindness
18% mythral
7% words
5% candy
4% sulphuric acid

This is completely wrong! Zoukun is 66% con man, 18% playful, 7% hats, 5% peanuts and 4% bad attitude.


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April 10, 2006
Ten-toe mushy


On Sunday when we were in Satte looking at the nanohana, I was helping Kristen with her painting. But I took a minute to have a nice chat with Ten Toe Mushy. She's a nice little lady bug.


Posted by Zoupi at 10:52 PM