December 16, 2005
Australia (again)

I have been to Australia twice and tongiht I am going again. Last time was in February and I was with Floppy. Here's a picture from that trip:

Me and Floppy and some of our Australian friends

I loved the Kangaroos and the Koalas but especially the Duck Billed Platypus.He was very nice but has some scary looking claws on his back feet.Did you know they are quite poisonous?

I love Australia and can't wait to get there. When does the plane leave??


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December 06, 2005
Editing Audio

Wearing the headphones is my favorite part!

I am a good editor.

I finished The Stolen White Elephant today. I really liked the part where the elephant rampaged all over New York and New Jersey, but I thought the end was sad. If I were Mr. Twain, I'd rewrite it with the elephant giving a parade at the end.

I wonder if I could find a 15 seat castle to wear myself? Maybe Kristen will make me one and we can have a parade.

Oh, you can go get our file from the LibriVox catalogue.


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December 01, 2005
We recorded!

We read over the story carefully before we recorded

Zousama read the part of Chief Inspector Blunt

I read the rest. Zoukun turned the pages. Zoupi was in the way.

I let Zoupi run the recorder

We will do the editing soon. Kristen said I could help her, but she will let me do it all, I bet. She can take more photos.


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