November 30, 2005
Reading an Elephant Story

We are going to read an Elephant story for Librivox. Kristen will help us record. Tod will help us with sound effects and trumpeting.

Everyone in the world will listen to it and we will be even more famous. I will not let Zoupi read because he is already too famous and because he has a very small voice.

The story is The Stolen White Elephant and it was written by Mark Twain. I will post pictures when we start reading, which will be today!!!


Posted by Zousan at 12:19 PM
November 23, 2005
French Peanuts


I went to a supermarche in Paris last month and found peanuts on a high shelf. They were really cheap, but Tod wouldn't buy them for me. I got my revenge, though. I pooped in his shoe when he was sleeping that night.


Posted by Zoupi at 08:39 PM