July 15, 2005
Making newspapers

At the Guardian's Beijing office

When Kristen went to Beijing last week, I went along, too. I wanted to visit with my friend, Jon. He is a famous journalist for a paper called the Guardian in the UK.

One afternoon when Kristen went to another boring stupid park to draw, I stayed with Jon and helped him make newspapers. I didn't know that he'd let me help him with a story. It was fun; I love to type.

My name won't be on this story about Nushu, but when you read it, you'll know I helped.


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July 09, 2005
Mud bath

Kristen shares her beer.

Kristen went for a swim in the waterfall but I had even more fun than she did. I went for a roll in the mud in the courtyard of the Yao restaurant. See how filthy I got? The top of my head and my trunk are all dirty.

But Kristen wiped me off with her towel and now I can't even tell I had such a good mud bath.


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July 04, 2005
Shinzou's bank


Our friend, Shinzou, lives in Hiratsuka. He and MJ were having a barbecue this weekend and he invited us.

But the robber stole all of Zousama's money, so we didn't have train fare. Shinzou found his bank and offered us his coins, but we couldn't figure out how to get them here to buy tickets. So we didn't go to the party.

I hope everyone had a good time.


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