December 21, 2004
Holiday adventures

04-12-21_13-20.jpgMy new freind floppy and I have been sending e-mail back and forth all week. We finally arranged to meet in Yotsuya today, so that I could go with him to Australia for Christmas and the New Year. This is me waving goodbye to Kristen at the train station.

And I got a big surprise. I'm going to Hong Kong, too! Maybe I can buy a Chinese peanut or a hat for Zousama.


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December 12, 2004

I saw wombats in Australia; they are as big as Zousama. But they are brown, with no trunk. And they can run faster than Sama. We saw six of them as we drove through the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

I stayed in the car when Kristen visited a scary kangaroo. It had a long tail, nails that needed trimming and liked to eat popcorn. It didn't jump even once, so maybe I shouldn't have been so scared. But it might have jumped and landed on me...


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