August 25, 2004
In Jim Thorpe

Jenn wouldn't let me drive to Jim Thorpe, so I sat in the back with Buddy. He's big, but not very scary because he has no teeth. I have pointy tusks. Buddy tells funny stories; we had fun in the back seat.

Jenn took us into a big cave at Glen Onoko. It was very dark but I knew I could find my way out again as long as I could see the entrance. Jenn called it a cave mouth, but it was just like Buddy--no teeth.

After the cave, we went to the river. All that water made me have to pee. Jenn looks afraid that I'll go on her shoulder, but I'm just whispering in her ear so Buddy couldn't hear.

We went to the town square in Jim Thorpe so I could use the toilets near the train station. And then we had a hot dog. Buddy was a little uneasy around the wiener cart, but I love this place because Kristen used to eat here when she worked at her mother's antique clothing shop.


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Treasure Hunting

I came to America so I could play Geocaching. It's a treasure hunt with clues and a GPS unit. I hear that sometimes you can find peanuts.

We followed the directions and looked all over, but we didn't find the cache. But we had a nice walk and Helen found a Bic pen. Maybe we'll try again soon.

I know there are peanuts out there waiting for me to find them.


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August 19, 2004
Zous like swimming


Jenn took me swimming. She swims really fast and can do all sorts of strokes.


After swimming I dried off very carefully with Jenn's towel.

I think Kristen should take me swimming sometime. She goes every day.


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The best cookies

I baked peanut butter cookies and took them to a poetry reading! I didn't know if I'd like the poetry, so I made sure there was a tasty snack for everyone. As it turned out the poetry was as good as the cookies.


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August 07, 2004
Morning in America

zoupi-PA-breakfast.jpgI woke up after a good long sleep and I am feeling better. That was a very comfy bed. Usually Zousama hogs all of the pillows in our bed, so it was nice to sleep alone for a change.

The trip in the first-class, express mail, Golden Chariot was a little rough this time. The Distal Zou put some snakey cables in with me and they kept jumping up to bite me.

But here I am, safe and sound.

I had American peanut butter for breakfast, made with peanuts from Mr. Carter's farm, I'm sure. Kristen would have liked this peanut butter, too. I miss her already. She should get in a Golden Chariot and come to visit with me.


After breakfast, I went out into the garden for some light therapy to help my jetlag. I like the silver mound--we're sort of the same color, don't you think? Plus it's related to wormwood, which is used to make one of Kristen's favorite drinks.


H and I played with the morning glories. These are like asagao in Tokyo, but bigger and such a nice blue color. Don't you think I look very pretty and tropical with the flower tucked behind my ear?

More soon,


Note from J:

H discovered that Zoupi's favorite number is twelve and now they are
best friends. He is writing you a letter now. He just woke up and we showed
him the yard and all our flowers, and then he had breakfast.

He doesn’t' like the dog much. I think that's from coming in last night
while Buddy was snacking in the litterbox. I made the dog use mouthwash, but
Zoupi still turns up his nose. Oh well. I can't blame him.

I had no idea Z. was such a partier! Belgium was a blast! He seemed a little
disappointed when I mentioned a poetry reading on the schedule for this
evening, and that he would be helping me bake cookies for it today. So,
we'll zest up his visit with something like an impromptu trip to the beach
or some beer and billiards (no beer for H). Heh.

Thanks for the foreign exchange student! We'll treat him well.

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Resting in PA


Zoupi's on vacation in the US visiting some of the friends he met last year in Pennsylvania. He's feeling a little jetlagged.

Zoupi is safe and snuggly in PA. Thought you'd like a photo of him snoozy in bed with his tusks tucked in.

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