December 26, 2003

We had fun on Christmas. Zousama and I wore the paper crowns from the Christmas crackers. We got a present, too--peanut butter cookies!

Zoupi found a present for him, Kun and the Kozous. Pi took a nap on top of it before unwrapping it. Can you guess what was inside?

What did you get for Christmas?


Posted by Zousan at 10:13 AM
December 25, 2003
Season's Greetings


Posted by Zousama at 12:36 AM
December 22, 2003

Kristen is working on a new project and auditions are coming up soon. I think I will audition. I played Hamlet this summer so I'm sure that I could play Sean in her new drama. Or maybe she will write me a special part of my very own.


Posted by Zoupi at 07:08 PM