October 23, 2003
Helping with work and beer in Zurich

When I was in Zurich last month, I helped everyone at the office. This is Adrian. He is very smart. What is that website he's looking at??

This is Bronxx and MoSH. They are twins. I learned how to tell them apart, though. I'll tell you the secret later...

It's easy to tell Tanja apart from everyone else. She's the very pretty, very smart girl. I like her.

Sometimes the smaller people at the office play games. This is some kind of undoukai hat. I think Zoukun would like it.

I got to drive a Ferrari. This is my big pink friend's car. He let me drive it very fast! I drove a Ferrari in Belgium, too!

This is MoSH. Can you guess how I know? His beard appears and vanishes. But Bronxx's is always there.

After work, we all went to a beer garden. The beer in Switzerland is very big! (Can you tell which twin is hiding behind the big beer?)

This is Jab. He works in the office with Tod, but I didn't get to help him; I only had a beer with him after. Tanja is in the background.

After beer, Tod took me out for pizza. It was kinda weird...full of egg and sausages but not a single peanut.

The most wonderful thing about going to Zurich was meeting Koushi. This is not her best side but she is having fun balancing with me.

Koushi is my girlfriend. You can tell because we are wearing matching outfits in this photo. She came to Japan to live with us and everyone likes her.


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October 12, 2003
A well in Oita

I am standing at the edge of the Kami no Ii, the Gods' Well, in Oita Prefecture. I want to drink some of the special water and get a blessing from the gods, but I'm afraid of falling in. It's just rained, so the rocks are all wet; I wonder if I just sip a little bit from this rock, if that will count?


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October 07, 2003
Let's Play Cards

MJ made me a card game. She says it uses Flash so you have to have that to play. I do, so I can play it. MJ copied the game from William who likes cards. Just like me.

It's a pretty hard game but I'll give you a hint. Zousama has dark ears, Zousan has light ears and I'm all one color. Zoukun's Card Game


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