August 24, 2003
Swiss holiday

Zoupi left for Switzerland with Tod this morning. He gets all the best vacations! I tried to get into Tod's suitcase next to Zoupi, but there were too many pairs of socks and I didn't fit.

I made sure that Zoupi took some peanuts with him because they might not have them in Switzerland. I know he found them in Belgium, but he was lucky that time and Niko helped him.

Kristen loaned her digital camera to Zoupi so he can take photos of Zurich. I hope he remembers to send us a postcard.

Maybe next time it will be my turn to go on vacation.


Posted by Zousama at 03:03 PM
August 14, 2003

Last week, UltraBob came over to stay. He slept in the living room and I kept him company, in case he needed to be shown to the toilet in the middle of the night. He was very nice to me and let me share the futon. He even put his arms around me like Kristen does sometimes.

I hope he comes back to visit again soon.


Posted by Zousama at 10:04 AM