July 30, 2003
Manneken Pis in Tokyo


I went on the Yamanote train to see Manneken Pis in Hamamatsucho. He is standing on the platform saying hello to trains bound for Shinagawa.

I think he's shrunk since I met him in Belgium. But he is very nicely dressed now, don't you think?

I'm going to submit this to Yamanote29!


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July 05, 2003
Cast Party

The cast party was fun. Everything is a little blurry now. I remember Zoupi hogging all the peanuts, but Sama was very generous and shared his beer.

We will start planning the next show soon. Kristen's friend, Jon, suggested Waiting for Godot. The Kozous want to do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and have been practicing dying dramatically. I heard of a play called Rhinoceros and I think that might be a good one.


Posted by Zoukun at 09:11 AM
July 01, 2003
Our play

We rehearsed and rehearsed and finally we put on our play!

Hamlet, Act II scene 2

I am the star but my part was easy--I just keep welcoming everyone to Elsinore. Zousama and Zousan had two roles each with lots of lines. The Kozous never could keep straight which one of them was Rosencrantz and which was Guildenstern. I guess it doesn't matter--nobody else can keep them straight either.

I am waiting for the reviews to pour in. Our cast party is tonight.


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