June 29, 2003
Green Zoupi


I joined Kristen at her color class on Friday. I met Mr. Mannequin and while we were talking, Kristen painted us. You can see all three of us in this photo, but Mr. Mannequin and I are in the picture twice.


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June 10, 2003
Hamlet Poster

Our rehearsals are going so well that we've had time to create this lovely poster to advertise our play.

The show will be online in a few days to celebrate today's 1st anniversary of our weblog.


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June 06, 2003
Direction, stage left

Tod stopped laughing and went to go do something on the computer. He is letting Kristen direct.

Here she is telling me that I should leap up onto the box next to the china elephant when I talk about the wind blowing.

And look, we have a beautiful set! Doesn't it look just like a castle in Denmark? Welcome to Elsinore, my good friends!

I will practice leaping while Kristen gives direction to the Kouzous. I'll have plenty of time; they take a while to understand things. It's their very small brains, you see...


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June 01, 2003
Dress Rehearsal

This is dress rehearsal for Hamlet, only one of the Kouzous forgot his costume and Kun doesn't like his crown.

San says it's kinda weird being dressed up like a girl, but it's "fulfilling to carry on the traditions of the Shakespearean stage" whatever that means. I think it must be hard to move around with that long headdress.

We have to rehearse some more now. Soon we'll hve the set pieces to work with, too.


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