May 31, 2003
Zou weiner

kazari4s.jpgNippon Ham gives lessons on making hot dogs into interesting things. My favorite is the Zou weiner. I think it looks a little bit like Zoukun.

Maybe Nippon Ham will cater our Hamlet rehearsals.


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May 30, 2003


Zousama and I are running lines for our upcoming performance of Hamlet Act 2, sc 2. I wanted to do scene 12, but Kristen says there is no scene 12.

I am playing Hamlet. Sama is Polonius. San, Kun and the Kouzous are in it, too. Kristen is doing the costumes and building the set. Tod is standing to one side, laughing. I think he is the director.

I know one speech perfectly now. When Sama says "Do you know me, my lord?" I answer "Excellent, well; you are a fishmonger." It is very difficult to learn lines. I keep messing up and saying nutmonger instead of fishmonger. I think my way sounds better, don't you?


Posted by Zoupi at 11:05 AM
May 26, 2003
Zous in France

Congratuations to Gus Van Sant for winning the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or for his film, Elephant.

I think it is very good when elephants win contests. Maybe I will win a contest tomorrow.


Posted by Zousan at 10:50 AM
May 21, 2003

mintdandy.jpgTonight, I tagged along to the Bloggers Meetup at Zest in Harajuku.

Although neither Nadine nor Jason was there, I met a lot of other people.

Jennifer from Mint Dandy took my photo with her keitai and Kristen got a picture of us both. Jim from Wirefarm tried to zou-nap me but gave up when I started to struggle.

Mr. Antipixel rubbed my belly just the way I like. And someone spilled wine on me, but I'm not sure who. I think he spoke with an accent.

I have to go take a bath now and then to bed.


Posted by Zoupi at 11:59 PM
May 12, 2003
Peanut Song Number 12

Last night, very late, Tod sang us the Peanut Song Number 12. He refuses to sing it again, so I can't record it for you, but the words go like this:

This is Peanut Song Number 12.

Zousan has a juicy peanut.
He chews is up all nice and small.
And then he eats it. Yum!

Zousama has a lot of peanuts,
Because he is so big.
They roll around all juicy.

Zoupi steals a peanut from
Underneath Sama.
He chews it up all nice and small
And then he eats it, Yum!

This is Peanut Song Number 12.

Zoukun doesn't get mentioned in Peanut Song Number 12. But Kristen thinks he must be in Peanut Song Number 3.


Posted by Zousan at 09:22 AM