April 27, 2003


Look at me! I was part of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day! Kristen took my picture twice and my ear features in one of Tod's pictures.

I like this photo best. It has me and me and me! But it's not a pinhole photo, just a digital one. The pinhole picture is the one on the right in the back.


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April 19, 2003
New blog...soon.

Tod liked the blogger's meeting so much that he has promised that he will make a weblog of his own. He says he will write about FreeBSD and Kristen. He forgot to mention his numerous future entries about us.

Zousan and I conferred and we think he should call it "Arachis hypogaea 12." Kun thinks it would be better to call it "Flush Left" but we think that's gross. Zoupi wants to know when he can visit Tod's new blog and have his passport stamped again.

We're all looking forward to it. Now Tod needs to do it!


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April 18, 2003

peanuts.jpgShinzou and Kitty are good friends. They know we like to be paid for writing in our weblog, so they sent us peanuts! It's been a while since we wrote, hasn't it? I will try to write more frequently.

Maybe 12 times a day? Or is that too often?

I think these peanuts look especially yummy, but I can't get them off of the screen. Kristen says I should stop hoovering my trunk all over the monitor. She looks a little bit annoyed but I don't think I left too many trunk marks on her LCD.

I guess I'll have to go rummage around in the kitchen cabinets instead.


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April 17, 2003

I am very small but very angry.

Kristen forgot to take me to the blogger's party tonight. I wanted to see Jason and Nadine again and to meet the other bloggers.

Kristen didn't even tell me that it was happening! But I know that it's every month on Wednesday, so I will go by myself if I have to. If I start walking now, I might make it in time.


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April 03, 2003
Hanami kidnapping

hanami-girl.jpgThis little girl may look cute, but she tried to kidnap me! We were having a chat about the pretty flowers when she picked me up by the ear and ran away. It was pretty scary because she walked all wobbly.

But her nice grandmother rescued me and our hanami continued.

Today was a beautiful day for a cherry blossom viewing picnic. Tod brought peanuts, Kris let us drink sake (shhh, don't tell Kristen) and we posed under the trees. We put some more hanami pictures in the gallery.

I hope we can go for hanami again next year.


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