March 29, 2003
Zou yoga

Today we got a new book in the mail from America! Zoupi bought it for us when he was travelling. It took a long time to get here, but I think it was worth it.

It is "Babar's Yoga For Elephants." Babar is a very famous French elephant. We had fun trying out the poses. I think they must do yoga all the time in France.

All of us can do the headstand, even Sama, though he had to cheat a little bit and use the bed pillows to hold him up.

I think I would like to try the Plow next.


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March 27, 2003

Today is my friend Helen's birthday. I think. It might have been yesterday or maybe it's tomorrow? The time in America is all funny and I get confused because I'm not very good at subtracting. But Zousan can subtract, so I'll ask him.

I wonder if Zous have birthdays? I know when I came to live with Tod & Kristen, but I don't know when I was born. Kristen says that racehorses all have the same birthday, and Japanese people when they turn 20, so she thinks Zous should all have the same birthday. She promised she would make us a cake!

What do you think would be a good birthday for Zous?

We got a present today, even though it's probably not our birthday. We're linked on a Belgian website with lots of Japanese links. Go take at look at


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March 10, 2003
Indian elephant food

Tod, Kristen and I went for dinner at Maharaja in Ikebukuro last night. Look at all this yummy food. Tod said that I could share his fish tikka.

I was surprised by all the elephant decorations, but there were no peanuts! There was a really fat elephant with funny arms and legs and he was holding a plate of doughnuts. Kristen says they are dipped in honey. I think he should try rolling them in crushed peanuts after.

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March 07, 2003
New chair


I got a present in the mail today. A new chair from Paper Kite Press. It's white porcelain with green decorations. Kristen says there's a poem on it but I just like the picture.

I am blending in very well on Kristen's desk today, don't you think. But I am prettier than the pens and scissors.


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March 01, 2003
Everyone loves me

nadine.jpg This is Nadine. I met her at a party of Tokyo webloggers last night. She has a weblog called Tokyo Shoes...or maybe Tokyo's Hoes. I was a little confused by her URL. But that's OK. Nadine is nice no matter what her weblog is called.

I am a weblogger, so I got to go to the party with Kristen. I handed out some meishi and met some nice people and a few who thought I was a little bit weird.

I even got interviewed by a reporter from the Japan Media Review. I don't know when his article will appear, though. Maybe soon. I hope my picture is in it.

jjcha.jpgThis is Jason Cha. He is a weblogger, too. He is American and came to Japan because he was inspired by Kristen's weblog. He seemed so excited to see me. But he didn't have any peanuts, which I thought was a little strange. I always carry peanuts to parties, just in case there aren't any there.

Kristen didn't let me tell anyone, but she had Sama's aviator helmet in her purse. It wasn't planned, it just happened. I wanted to wear it, but she said no. So I had to go to the party naked but nobody seemed to mind.


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