February 21, 2003
Zou shop


After Zoupi unpacked from his trip to America, he told me all about capitalism and t-shirts. So we decided to make some zou-wear. Now have a range of t-shirts in sizes and styles for all ages. Plus a mug featuring me...and Zoupi on a flying disc. How cool is that?

I think you will support our exploration of capitalism by buying one of our t-shirts. Profits go to Zousama's travel fund.


Posted by Zousan at 07:03 AM
February 20, 2003
New postcards

I made four new postcards for my Post Office. Please send them to all of your friends.


Posted by Zousan at 07:32 AM
February 19, 2003
America Photos

I got all of my photos from America organized and online. You can see my pictures from Edwardsville, Ephrata, Pittsburgh and Chicago, plus a special feature on Shopping in America.

I also (finally!) put up the pictures from my trip to Ireland in October.

Hope you like them!


Posted by Zoupi at 06:31 AM
February 09, 2003
I'm here, too!

Tod brought me along to America with him. I have been to Pittsburgh and now I am in Chicago. I am disappointed; America is very cold and I expected more peanuts. I think I'm ready to go home now.


Posted by Zoukun at 06:51 AM