December 26, 2002

When we went to the zoo, Kristen helped us shop for some presents for Tod. We got his zoo cookies and a keitai strap with a silver elephant on it.

We didn't know that there would be a present under the tree for us!

It's a special magnet clip for the refridgerator. Kristen & Tod put their lottery tickets in it and if they win a prize, we will all go travelling together. Keep your fingers crossed for us on January 7th.

I think Australia would be nice. Or maybe Hawaii...


Posted by Zoupi at 07:57 PM
December 23, 2002
At the Zoo

zoostickers.jpg We finally went to the zoo to meet Princess Aiko's elephants! Even though they weren't wearing their fancy clothes, they were pretty uppity--they walked away when we said hello.

But we had a very fun time at the zoo anyway. Kristen chauffeured us around in the zou-sha and we visited with lots of other friends. We had a snack and even had our pictures taken in a purikura booth.

kun-zoo.jpgZoukun kept hold of all of the tickets and things. But he fell out of the zou-sha twice and everything got a little bit crumpled. But he didn't lose anything, so it's OK.

My favorite part was the zebras; I met a little girl there who smiled at us. Zousan liked the flamingos because he says they are a pretty color. Kun liked the snack best of all, even though Tod wouldn't share his beer. Pi was really quiet but he seemed to enjoy the trip. Maybe he's a little jaded after his European travels.

We took lots of pictures at the zoo.


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December 17, 2002
We Partied!

Kristen & Tod invited us to their bonenkai! Sama was a little bit afraid becasue Kristen had to carry him all the way to the restaurant, but there were only a few scary bicycles and no spiders at all. It was me, Sama, Kun, Pi and the Kozous, too.

The party was really fun. We sat near the door to greet people and we handed out our meishi. Ito-san and his staff really liked us. Ito-san has his bear-friend on this webpage. But Mr. Bear doesn't have his own site like us.

MJ made paper hats for me and Zoupi, and Sama wore his top hat after the tickets were all taken out of it. We got to sit in the middle of the table and everyone wanted to play with us.

After the party we went to Corazon for the nijikai. Mr. Nihongo-ga-hanashimasu gave Sama a tour of the pool hall and I helped Miki, Juri, Junko and Kristen play. Tod, Zahid and Kimitaka were playing without any help. The Kozous, Zoupi and Zoukun were tired after the party and they took a nap on the floor.

I hope we can go to another Bonenkai soon!


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December 08, 2002
Photo to America


Even though I am too big to go to America in a suitcase, I am going in a photograph. Kristen took this one to send to her grandmother. That's me, on the right. Tod's in the middle and Kristen is on the left.

Soon I will be in America! Hooray! Maybe Kristen's grandmother will take me out for peanuts.


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