November 30, 2002

Just in time for holiday card-sending, we designed 4 nengazou (Japanese new year cards). I've put them in my post office for you to see and send.


Posted by Zousan at 03:37 PM
November 22, 2002
At work with Tod

Yesterday, I went to work with Tod. I rode in his laptop bag, next to the big books and when we got there, I stood on his monitor and helped manage his work.

Tod is very clever, but he doesn't incorporate peanuts into his code enough. His programs would work better if he did. I also suggested liberaly use of the number twelve throughout. He thought that was silly and did it his way, But I know my suggestions would improve this project!

Maybe next time.


Posted by Zoupi at 06:56 PM
November 21, 2002
Playing Pool

MJ, Tod, Kristen & Junko took me to play billiards last week. I stood on the cue ball, but MJ kept yelling at me to stop getting in her way. I was just helping her line it up with the other balls--poor MJ was kinda wobbly.

Kristen let me dance on the table. She sure is nice. But she made sure I was out of the way of the balls when they were moving around the table.

Everyone at the pool hall thought I was cute, even Mr. Nihongo Ga Hanashimasu.


Posted by Zoukun at 12:13 PM
November 14, 2002
We have e-mail!

The Distal Zou was very nice to us today. He gave us each an email address. You can send us mail to whichever-one-of-us-you-want(at) or even "TheZous" at if you want to write to all of us.

We promise we'll answer your mail!


Posted by Zousan at 01:58 PM