September 22, 2002
I Oughta Be in Pictures

I was the star of Kristen's Digital Photography workshop yesterday! I was in the pictures she used to illustrate the rule of thirds, and fill flash. Careful observers saw me hiding behind the reflections in one sample. Plus, I got to come to the workshop and sit on the table. Kristen introduced me to everyone!

Posted by Zoupi at 02:01 PM
September 13, 2002
Hopes shattered

Kristen says we can't star in her new video. We all think we'd be very good at acting out some of the scenes. Especially the one where we buy peanuts and eat them in bed. What do you think?

Posted by Zousan at 02:20 PM
September 05, 2002
Beligian waffles!

Mmmmmm. We found Manneken brand Beglian waffles in Ginza. I don't remember green tea waffles in Leuven, but we have them here in Japan. Yum!

Zoukun liked the box best and Zousama tried to steal all the waffles, but we all shared. Even Tod & Kristen.

Posted by Zoupi at 09:33 PM
September 02, 2002
Marshmallow Spike

MJ makes music and I downloaded her band's songs. Kristen helped me click the mouse and I wore the headphones to listen.

My favorite Marshmallow Spike song is "Stolen Umbrella." Which one do you like?

Posted by Zousan at 08:26 AM