August 30, 2002
Coffee Headache

Oh, no. When I was playing with Kristen and Tod at lunchtime, I knocked a coffee mug onto the back of Kristen's head and gave her a headache. Now she is sleeping instead of working. I am very, very sorry and I will never do it again.

Posted by Zousama at 04:13 PM
Snack Crisis

Ouch! I wanted a snack and Tod shared his Pringles with me. But I got my trunk stuck in the can and Tod had to help me take it off.

Posted by Zousama at 09:58 AM
August 27, 2002

*yawn* I'm still sleepy from jet lag. I've only been awake long enough to introduce Belgium Bear to everybody and to visit MJ & Yoshi.

That was fun; I showed Shin-Zou and Kitty my Beligium photos, then I tried on Yoshi's kakkoii hat.

Posted by Zoupi at 10:18 PM
August 22, 2002
Clock Solitaire

I've been playing clock solitaire with my new Mannekin Pis cards from Belgium. They are so shiny and slippery! And they have my favorite statue all dressed up different on every card.

I always win when I play with these cards.

Posted by Zoukun at 08:33 AM
August 19, 2002
I'm home!

I'm home! The post lady brought me on her motorcycle through the typhoon this morning. I stayed dry, but she was very wet.

Belgium was so much fun; I already miss Niko, Mika and all of my new friends. I hope they will come to visit me here in Japan.

Niko sent me back with lots of chocolate for everyone and a special treat for Zoukun. And after I've had a nap, I will introduce a new friend to you all.

Posted by Zoupi at 12:21 PM
August 15, 2002
Post Office

The secret project is done. You can send Zou postcards from my Post Office. My picture is on the stamp!

The first one went to MJ. It's her birthday today! Otanjoubi omedetou, MJ obasan!

Posted by Zousan at 12:07 AM
August 14, 2002
Website Updates

Kristen helped me update our website today. Now our names change when you roll us over (cool!) and there are links at the bottom of every page.

I am working on a special treat that might be finished later today and Zoukun is still thinking about the games for his undokai. So check back tomorrow to see more new things.

Posted by Zousan at 12:25 PM
August 12, 2002
Zoupi's on his way

Zoupi's on his way home. Niko took him out for a beer before he left Leuven.

Now we are waiting at the door for his arrival. Kristen says he will be chauffered home, so we don't have to go to the airport.

Posted by Zoukun at 10:04 AM
August 07, 2002
Zoupi went to Brussels

Zoupi went to Brussels by train. His photo album is getting very full!

Posted by Zousama at 04:59 PM