July 30, 2002
Zoupi's in Bruges

Zoupi's had a holiday during his holiday. He went to Bruges for the weekend and even made his own photo album.

And what are we doing? Posing for sketches for Zoukun's undokai. Kristen is such a great artist, wait until you see!

Posted by Zousan at 08:16 AM
July 27, 2002
Is Zoupi Coming Back?

I'm not so sure Zoupi's going to come home. He seems to be having a lot of fun sightseeing in Leuven. He's even made friends with another girl. I bet Kristen is jealous.

Posted by Zoukun at 11:51 AM
July 23, 2002
Shouji Shimasu

We're helping to clean the house. We're really good at it, too. We fixed the vacuum and now it doesn't make that loud noise when we use it. Zoupi will be so happy about that; the noise scares him.

Posted by Zousan at 12:32 PM
July 19, 2002
We got a postcard

We got a postcard from Belgium! Zoupi says he misses us.

"Hi, Zousama, Zousan, Zoukun, Kristen, Tod and MJ. Yes, this is me from Belgium! They really have peanuts here and I made a lot of new friends. Weather and people are very different and I haven't seen any other zous yet. I will enjoy holiday and then come back because I miss Zoukun. Big Kiss, Zoupi"

He misses me!

Posted by Zoukun at 11:41 PM
July 15, 2002
Newsletter Fame

Kristen's friend Sayaka mentioned us in her newsletter! She writes an e-mail magazine for Japanese people who are learning English. She wrote in Japanese, but I'll translate here: "From Kristen's journal site, by all means go try 'Where's Zoupi?' I guarantee that's it's exceedingly cute." Thanks, Sayaka!

Posted by Zousan at 10:52 PM
July 14, 2002
Zoupi, Zoupi, Zoupi

Zoupi, Zoupi Zoupi. He's enjoying Belgium and everyone keeps talking about him. What about the rest of us? I can play games and be cute, too. See?

Posted by Zousama at 12:01 PM
July 11, 2002
Zoupi arrived in Belgium

Zoupi arrived in Belgium safely. Niko says he's resting now, but they snapped plenty of photos before he fell asleep.

Posted by Zousan at 09:17 AM
July 09, 2002
Uh, where's Zoupi?

Uh, where's Zoupi? I've looked all over and I can't find him. I want him on my team for the undokai. We're going to be red; Sama and San will be white. We'll have all sorts of games--jumping, peanut tossing, card games, and singing songs. It will be so much fun!

Posted by Zoukun at 09:15 AM
July 07, 2002
Zoupi left for Belgium

Zoupi left for Belgium yesterday. We said goodbye, then he hopped into his private, first class travel vehicle and Kristen chauffeured him away. Bon voyage!

Posted by Zousan at 08:17 AM
July 06, 2002
Can you find me?

Can you find me? MJ and Kristen made a Where's Zoupi game! I bet you'll get stuck; I'm good at hiding.

Posted by Zoupi at 01:22 PM
July 04, 2002
Our friend MJ runs

Our friend MJ runs SouzouZone.jp which should be full of zous, like our site. But it's infested with spiders and all her zous have run off, she says. So I am going to go over tomorrow and stomp on the spiders for her. I'm not afraid.

Posted by Zousama at 10:01 PM
You commented!

Did you hear us trumpeting? Thanks for all the comments!

Posted by Zousan at 09:59 PM
July 03, 2002
Kristen: 10 , Zous: 3

Kristen got 10 comments and we only got three. Our friends need more encouragement....if you write us a comment, we'll trumpet for you or send you peanuts.

Posted by Zousama at 09:16 AM
July 02, 2002
You can comment

Kristen helped me cut and paste some magic words into our Blogger template so that you can say hello to us. She says it's called comments.

Posted by Zousan at 08:27 AM
July 01, 2002
New hat! New hat!

New hat! New hat! I am very sporty now. I can play in any school's sports events in my new, reversible red and white hat. Let's undokai!

Posted by Zoukun at 09:25 AM