June 28, 2002
Yukky Almonds

The otsumami that Tod brought back had lots of yummy peanuts, a few senbei and some reddish, teardrop shaped nuts that were really yukky. I tried one but had to spit it across the room in disgust. It was definitely not a peanut!

Kristen said it was a waste of a good almond and she picked the rest of them out of the mix and ate them herself. People are strange. I'm glad I'm a zou.

Posted by Zousan at 09:04 AM
June 26, 2002
Who's Waldo?

My friend MJ wants to make me a star! Before I travel to Belgium, we're going to do a photo shoot . She's calling it "Where's Zoupi?" and keeps mentioning a guy named Waldo. He must be her assistant or something.

Posted by Zoupi at 08:23 AM
June 24, 2002

Tod brought us otsumami and senbei from Fukuoka. I think maybe the otsumami came from the airplane but that's close enough. I hope Zoupi saves us some otsumami when he goes to Belgium, but I bet he'll eat the packets of peanuts all by himself.

Posted by Zousan at 08:18 AM
June 21, 2002
I'm bigger than Belgium

Look, look! I'm bigger than Belgium. Where will I sleep?

Posted by Zoupi at 08:51 AM
June 19, 2002
I'm going to Belgium!

I'm going to Belgium! I got an e-mail from a new friend, Niko Neefs at Leuven University. He's giving me a homestay. I'm going to meet his friend Tux and to eat Belgian peanuts, too.

Zoukun says Niko is going to be mean to me and kidnap me. But I don't believe Kun; I think he's just jealous because I'm going to Beligum and he's not.

Posted by Zoupi at 09:11 AM
June 18, 2002
Salt or Shells?

Our new friend Karel, e-mailed us. He likes salty peanuts. I do, too, but only when I'm playing cards. Otherwise, I prefer the kind in the shell--they're crunchier. Karel should try those sometime.

Posted by Zoukun at 08:22 AM
June 17, 2002
Tusk Brushing

My great-great-grandfather, Gochizousama, had bad problems with his teeth when he got old. So yesterday, I asked Kristen to help me with the electric toothbrush. It tickled when she brushed my tusks.

Posted by Zousama at 09:50 AM
June 15, 2002
Jimmy Carter

America is great because that's where peanuts come from. We would like to visit America and meet Jimmy Carter and his peanut farm.

Zousan, Zoupi and Zoukun have all been on trips--they even went to London with Tod. But I am too big to ride in the carry-on luggage and I'm afraid of the baggage compartment, so I can't fly unless I have my own seat. Tod says if I earn enough money, I can buy a ticket.

So we decided that any money we find around the house on the floor is ours to keep. So far we have 24,945 yen, 8.18 US$, 5.50 UK, 5.70 HK$, 4.02 SG$, 1 Pataca, and 50 ITL.

Posted by Zousama at 09:22 AM
June 14, 2002
I am so excited

I am so excited that our website is so popular. People at kininaruWeb are writing about us--they say we're cute! Of course we are. Me, especially.

But I'm more than cute, I'm smart, too. Soon I'll be implementing a guest book where you can leave comments.

And Zoupi had better return my hat soon. My head is getting cold.

Posted by Zousan at 09:06 AM
June 13, 2002
Zoupi Tap Dances

Please pardon the previous post; Zoupi was dancing on the keyboard. He insists that he can type by himself. Amazingly enough, he seems to have gotten a division sign in there. How did he do that?

Posted by The Other Zous at 08:16 AM
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Posted by Zoupi at 08:12 AM
June 12, 2002
Top Hat Elegance

The top hat is a little bit too big (I can barely peek out the bottom to walk around) but it looks sooo elegant. Sama can keep the silly old aviator hat!

You can see us in our hats in the zou gallery .

Posted by Zoukun at 10:11 AM
June 11, 2002
Trading Hats

Zousama stole my aviator helmet and he won't give it back. But that's OK, I'll just wear his top hat instead.

Posted by Zoukun at 09:33 AM
June 10, 2002
Wrong Domain Name!

I want to post a complaint. I think our domain should be "thezous.com" but Zousan asked for zousan.com first and he always get's his way. It's not fair but I rampaged through the apartment and nothing changed, so I guess we're stuck with zousan.com.

Posted by Zousama at 07:19 AM
A New Treat

We've never had a website before but we like Kristen's and we had her make one for us. We can't type so she promised to help with that.

The Zous

Posted by Zousan at 07:17 AM