May 29, 2006
5 Things

MJ at Cerebral Soup says we should tell you things about ourselves. So we will. Each of us is going to answer the question once and Miss Shrew and Tasty said they'd play to fill in the gaps to make the five answers.

5 Musicians that I currently listen to

  1. Zousama: I usually listen to MJ.

  2. Zousan: I listen to what Tod likes

  3. Zoukun: Ilikesten to what Tod likes

  4. Zoupi: I listen to what Kristen listens to

  5. Tasty: The B52s

5 Movies/DVDs That I Have Watched Recently

  1. Zousama: The King and I

  2. Zousan: The Elephant Man

  3. Zoukun: Dumbo

  4. Zoupi: I watched a lot of movies on the airplane, but I don't remember what they were

  5. Tasty: Lobster Man from Mars

5 TV Shows That I Tend to Watch

  1. Zousama: What's TV?

  2. Zousan: I dunno, it sounds like a disease.

  3. Zoukun: Too Violent

  4. Zoupi: I don't watch things that are too violent.

  5. Tasty: Tasty-Vision!

5 Restaurants I have Visited Recently

  1. Zousama: Someone poured tea on in Ueno

  2. Zousan: I was there, too.

  3. Zoukun: Me, too, but it wasn't so recently.

  4. Zoupi: I had breakfast at Betty's in Harrogate.

  5. Miss Shrew: I had tea in Zambia.

5 Foods That I Currently Enjoy Snacking On

  1. Zousama: peanuts

  2. Zousan: peanuts

  3. Zoukun: peanuts

  4. Zoupi: peanuts

  5. Miss Shrew: tea and luckybeans

Posted by Zousama at May 29, 2006 10:55 AM
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