June 12, 2005
Musical Baton

Kristen sent us the music baton. We will answer it collectively.

Total volume of music files on our computer:

Our volume of music is 12. That's how loud we like it.

Song playing right now:

Zousan is playing his trumpet.

The last CD we bought:

We are saving all the change in the couch cushions for a trip to America to visit Jimmy Carter, so we don't buy CDs.

Five songs we listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

  1. Zousan - guess who likes this one best?
  2. Salt Peanuts - we love to dance to this one
  3. Little Elephant Saddle - by the Thai Elephant Orchestra
  4. Twelve's It - we all agree on this one, but it's not so good for dancing.
  5. Baby Elephant Walk - only the Kouzous listen to this one.

We also kinda like Southside of the Zou, but it's a bad, mean song so we will not include it.

Five people to whom we're passing the baton:

Oh! Bunny. Mr. Floppy. Miki's Monkey. Shin-zou. And Elefunt in London.

Posted by Zousama at June 12, 2005 05:10 PM

Shinzou can't reach the stereo so he doesn't have much of a choice of the music he listens to...

Posted by: MJ on June 14, 2005 03:44 PM

My name is also Zousan. I used to live in Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture. I just wanted to say how much I too enjoy listening to Baby Elephant Walk. I also recommend Chang Chang Chang, a traditional Thai song that my friends Kerry and Stuart learned at elephant camp (www.changthai.com).

Posted by: Zousan too on June 27, 2005 06:30 AM
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