August 25, 2004
In Jim Thorpe

Jenn wouldn't let me drive to Jim Thorpe, so I sat in the back with Buddy. He's big, but not very scary because he has no teeth. I have pointy tusks. Buddy tells funny stories; we had fun in the back seat.

Jenn took us into a big cave at Glen Onoko. It was very dark but I knew I could find my way out again as long as I could see the entrance. Jenn called it a cave mouth, but it was just like Buddy--no teeth.

After the cave, we went to the river. All that water made me have to pee. Jenn looks afraid that I'll go on her shoulder, but I'm just whispering in her ear so Buddy couldn't hear.

We went to the town square in Jim Thorpe so I could use the toilets near the train station. And then we had a hot dog. Buddy was a little uneasy around the wiener cart, but I love this place because Kristen used to eat here when she worked at her mother's antique clothing shop.


Posted by Zoupi at August 25, 2004 10:23 AM
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