September 05, 2003
He said peanuts!

carter.jpgMr. Carter gave an excellent speech about agriculture in Africa today. He says that it is important to ensure that grain and stuff can get where it needs to go within the country--so that the farmers can work and get paid. Because a lot of countries give generously to Africa, but they aren't helping Africa to help itself.

And he thinks it's wrong to protest over genetically modified crops, because lots of them have been that way for a long time and it's beneficial to farmers and consumers. I didn't quite understand all of that, but if Mr. Carter thinks it is right, then I agree. Let's eat GM; Ford is too crunchy!

I think he knows a lot about agriculture. He loves his farm and is very proud that he is a farmer. His family has owned the farm since 1833 and they raise all sort of things there, like cotton, sorghum and peanuts.

We were so happy when he talked about his peanuts--and he smiled big, too. He's saying "peanuts" in the photo above. I think he read Zousama's letter this morning.

Thank you, Mr. Carter. We love you!


Posted by Zousan at September 05, 2003 09:13 PM
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