January 20, 2003
Off to America

I'm going to America today! I've been to Belgium, Ireland, and England, but this is my first time visiting Ameria. I hope I can meet Jimmy Carter; he is a very famous American peanut farmer.

Kristen and I are flying today. She's scared but I am a brave Zou and I will keep her very safe. I will travel in her carry-on bag so that we can be together the whole trip. Maybe she will share her lunch with me. Do you think there wil be peanuts on the plane?

I'm sorry that Sama can't come, too, but he doesn't fit into Kristen's carry-on. Or her suitcase. Sama is big and Kristen travels light. I will take pictures of America for Sama. Niko showed me how to take pictures when I was in Belgium. I am a good photographer.


Posted by Zoupi at January 20, 2003 10:49 AM
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