June 15, 2002
Jimmy Carter

America is great because that's where peanuts come from. We would like to visit America and meet Jimmy Carter and his peanut farm.

Zousan, Zoupi and Zoukun have all been on trips--they even went to London with Tod. But I am too big to ride in the carry-on luggage and I'm afraid of the baggage compartment, so I can't fly unless I have my own seat. Tod says if I earn enough money, I can buy a ticket.

So we decided that any money we find around the house on the floor is ours to keep. So far we have 24,945 yen, 8.18 US$, 5.50 UK, 5.70 HK$, 4.02 SG$, 1 Pataca, and 50 ITL.

Posted by Zousama at June 15, 2002 09:22 AM

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